Aerial Pest Control provide key clients, industry stakeholders and local councils and government agencies with services in the control of vertebrate pest animals.

Our highly experienced marksmen provide both ground and air vertebrate pest destruction services in approved areas across Australia.


Whether you are a small property with a minor pest issue requiring ground culling services or a large station with significant geographical pest issues requiring aerial and ground strategies we can provide a tailored cost effective and humane control strategy for you.


Our core focus being the delivery of aerial pest control services linked to the licences, accreditations and endorsements of its professional marksmen team.


Linking these skills, qualifications and industry expertise into the delivery of environmentally sound, sustainable and safe strategies in the humane destruction of feral and pest animal activities.


Our team has vast expertise in firearms safety, field firearms use, application, maintenance, risk assessment and environmental wildlife hazard management, and will continue to provide a solid base for delivering client solutions through key industry partnerships and deliver on our strategic, operational and financial goals.